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Product Liability Archives

NHTSA has concerns over possibly defective products by Goodyear

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines its purpose as saving lives, preventing injuries and reducing vehicle-related crashes. As part of that mission, it also investigates reports of potentially defective products that can threaten the well-being of consumers. Maine readers may be interested to learn there are still concerns over the safety of some Goodyear tires.

Group warns of dangerous children's products involving cosmetics

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group recently conducted independent laboratory testing on several cosmetics that are marketed exclusively toward children and teens. It reportedly found that several of the products are contaminated with asbestos fibers. It is now warning consumers about the hazards posed by these potentially dangerous children's products that are sold by Claire's stores throughout the nation, including here in Maine. 

Cardiac equipment subject of defective medical device recall

Patients who rely on implanted equipment to maintain vital organ functions likely live with constant worry that the device may fail. When a piece of equipment later becomes the subject of a recall concerning a defective medical device, affected patients are then forced to undergo additional surgery to remedy the problem, which can lead to further complications. The most recent recall announcement may impact the lives of many Maine residents.

Dealer sues Toyota over alleged motor vehicle defects in Prius

In 2016, Toyota issued a voluntary recall for its 2010 to 2014 Prius models after a problem with its power inverter caused cars to overheat and completely lose power. The recall lead to a software fix that purportedly resolved the problem. However, one Toyota dealer recently filed a lawsuit that alleges that the recall failed to address the main issue and that the existing motor vehicle defects could cause customers to experience an emergency. There may be many Maine customers who currently own a vehicle with this potentially serious problem.

Proposed bill would expose dangerous products to public

Most of the time, an idea for a new product is introduced in the hopes of benefiting the lives of consumers while providing a profit for the manufacturers. Unfortunately, in the event that items prove to be dangerous products, the desire to protect profits may take precedence over public safety. There may have been countless products that have posed an unknown danger to Maine families due to the efforts to conceal information.

Diligence can prevent harm from dangerous children's products

Every parent and grandparent loves presenting a child with a new toy on special occasions. While the vast majority of items presented to these children are harmless, there are times when dangerous children's products make their way to store shelves. Concerns over how to protect children are often high on the list of priorities for the majority of Maine families.

Couple files suit alleging dangerous products caused eye injury

There are countless products that consumers purchase every day with the expectation that they will deliver the promised results without causing any harm. Unfortunately, not every item that is available for purchase serves its intended purpose, as some of these materials prove to be potentially dangerous products. There are countless Maine consumers who have suffered injuries due to a defective item.

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