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Premises liability: Thousands are injured every year

Of the few guarantees in life, one is that accidents are going to happen. In Maine, premises liability laws say that property and business owners must provide a safe, hazard-free environment to prevent accidents and injuries to those who are lawfully visiting their properties. Things like cleaning spillage, removing hazards and routine maintenance are a few examples of basic precautions that go a long way in preventing accidents. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these routine tasks to be neglected, which can lead to injuries to visitors.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Woman allegedly injured in grocery store

As summer arrives in Maine, shops, restaurants and businesses across the state will be bustling with visitors and tourists. In the state of Maine and across the country, it is required by law that all shops and businesses establish a safe, hazard free environment for all individuals lawfully on their premises. Although in the minority, there will always be those property owners who neglect to maintain their properties or eliminate hazards. Potential hazards such as fluids left on the floor can cause slip-and-fall accidents.

Woman awarded $125,000 in premises liability lawsuit

Cities and counties across the state of Maine must comply with strict regulations and safety codes to ensure that citizens and visitors are safe when utilizing public property and infrastructure. These regulations say that publicly used facilities and structures must be free of hazards and adequately maintained on a regular basis. However, maintenance and upkeep can be neglected for a number of reasons such as lack of resources or funding. Also, flawed construction of infrastructure may also play a role in future accidents. Recently in another state, a woman was awarded $125,000 in a premises liability lawsuit.

Slip-and-fall accidents pose serious problems in restaurants

Eating out and working in restaurants are everyday occurrences in the lives of many Americans. Along with visits to these establishments comes a risk of slip\-and\-fall accidents. Whether one works in or visits these restaurants in Maine -- or anywhere else -- it may be beneficial to exercise caution.

Businesses may overlook the risks for slip-and-fall accidents

According to a study conducted by a reputable risk management company, businesses tend to underestimate the role that flooring plays in reducing the possibility of an accident. There are standards that were established by the American National Standards Institute that reduce the potential for slip-and-fall accidents as they apply to the skid resistance of flooring. As many Maine residents can attest, the attention that business owners pay to these details indicates whether safety is a priority.

Lack of diligence from landlord can cause serious personal injury

Life in an apartment complex can be ideal for those who do not wish to deal with the headaches that come with homeownership. Unfortunately, this does not mean that there is not a risk of serious personal injury from hazardous conditions caused by negligence on the part of a landlord. There are many apartment residents in Maine who have suffered injuries due to a slip-and-fall accident.

Meant for safety, speed humps present risk of serious injury

In many residential and business settings where there is the anticipated presence of pedestrians and heavy traffic, there may also be installation of traffic calming devices. One of the most common apparatuses employed for this purpose is speed humps, but these also come with a risk of serious injury to many. There may be many disabled Maine residents who have had a bad experience with one of these potentially hazardous devices.

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