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Trucker sentenced for fatal drunk driving accident in 2016

Recently, a trucker driver was sentenced to 30 years in prison for a fatal crash that killed two Maine residents in 2016. The judge suspended five of those years and then ordered him to serve an additional four years probation. Originally, the prosecutors sought a fifty year sentence in light of the horrifying impact this drunk driving accident had on the victims' families and emergency responders.

Should the cost of safety override preventing serious injury?

In 2015, a truck driver allegedly failed to reduce his speed in order to avoid causing a fatal traffic accident. Since that tragic accident, efforts were undertaken to reduce wrecks that can cause death or a serious injury through proposed safety regulations. Unfortunately, that proposal, along with several others, has not been acted on, thereby exposing travelers in Maine and elsewhere to continued hazards from inattentive or negligent drivers.

Maine crafts new traffic safety plan to reduce car accidents

Improved economic conditions and lower gas prices are often viewed as signs of a healthy, consumer-driven society. Unfortunately, these two factors have also lead to increased numbers of serious car accidents on Maine's highways. In the hope of decreasing the rising rate of fatalities, officials have implemented a revised safety plan.

Negligence may have played a role in fatal Maine crash

Driving is a skill that one acquires over a lifetime, and it demands close attention at all times in order to avoid causing an accident. Unfortunately, even more experienced drivers may become lax while behind the wheel, and that can lead to tragedy for others. One recent Maine collision may have been the result of possible negligence on the part of another motorist.

Family claims woman's serious injury led to loss of unborn child

Several Maine families recently had their lives turned upside down after a fatal car accident. One family in particular is thankful that their loved one survived the horrific accident, though she did suffer serious injury that purportedly resulted in the loss of her unborn child. All of the victims may have sustained heavy monetary damages as well.

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