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The Ultimate Guide to Personal Injury Lawyers In Maine, US

If you've been in an accident or somehow injured due to someone else's carelessness, there are many questions probably rolling in. Income is a big problem for many people, and when an injury caused by someone else's negligence interrupts normal work and life habits, you may be unsure how to pick up the pieces again.

Beyond all of this, questions about if you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Portland, or if you can afford one, may start to creep in. For your questions about how to deal with your injury and make sure you get the compensation and support you deserve, here's the ultimate guide to protecting yourself with personal injury lawyers in Maine.

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What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

By providing necessary legal services to people who have been injured either psychologically or physically, personal injury lawyers tend to specialize in the section of the law that is known as tort law. Commonly, Maine personal injury lawyers will help with fall or slip related accidents, collisions from motor vehicles, malpractices of professional offices, and defective products. Negligence, whether intended or not, typically causes a need for a personal injury attorney in Maine.

When to Hire an Attorney for an Injury

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Even if all you need is advice to begin straightening things out, it's best to seek out a personal injury attorney. Be sure that it is an experienced firm, such as the lawyers at Terry Garmey & Associates, so that you can get the soundest advice.

From serious cases to cases that you aren't sure if a lawyer can help, it's best to start by asking. Nearly all personal injury cases will be taken on because you shouldn't have to suffer due to the negligence of someone else.

One thing is for sure, the other party is bound to employ a lawyer to convince you that it was just an accident. But as it's commonly said, nearly 90% of all accidents could be averted with just a little more thinking ahead, or a second check.

Is Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Cost-Effective?

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While you may think that a personal injury lawyer is out of your budget and that you yourself can handle filing all the paperwork and representation in court, doing so during your recovery process might not be the best time to test the idea. The amount of time and pushback received for personal injury claims can cost you thousands more than a lawyer would.

This is especially true as most personal injury attorneys operate under a "win-win" policy. If your case can't be won, you don't usually have to pay for their services. Also, the rewards from winning when utilizing a lawyer's services are greatly multiplied than what you could win on your own.

Ensure You Get the Compensation You Deserve

While you might settle for just enough to pay back a few of the bills, you may not be aware of any future implications of the injury. If you represent yourself and walk away with a sum that currently makes you happy, but something crops up in the future related to your injury, what will you do? A personal injury lawyer can help make sure that you are awarded everything possible, to account for present and future circumstances.

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