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5 Situations When A Personal Injury Lawyer Might Not Take Your Case

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Hiring a personal injury lawyer can be overwhelming and scary: you're already in pain and adding on the stress of trying to find the best associate to represent you and your case can really cause more anxiety.

When looking for a lawyer to take your case, it's important to do your research and understand why or why not they may take your claim. Understanding the system offers a great stepping stone for this sometimes-long process and it can begin with one simple step: free initial consultation.

Lawyers such as Terry Garmey and Associates work as personal injury lawyers in Portland, Maine. Their representatives, as a personal injury attorney in Maine, offer a variety of services including their free initial consultation. From consultation on medical malpractice to motor vehicle accidents and wrongful death, Terry Garmey and Associates and other personal injury lawyers are looking to inform clients about the system. It is important to know why your case may be rejected.

Some of the most common reasons are listed below:

1. You might not have a case

Insufficient grounds to continue prosecution or pursue a claim may influence whether or not a lawyer may take your case. The weaker your case, and sometimes even the likelihood of winning a claim, may sway a lawyer to reject any appeals. This, in combination with other factors such as eligibility, the severity of the injury/loss, and other case-specific factors (such as lack of insurance) can cause a lawyer to lose interest quickly.

2. Deadlines

The statute of limitations has strict deadlines for filing a claim. By simply filing too late or missing set deadlines, your case can be dismissed by both the court and any lawyer, which can invalidate the whole claim. Make sure to be punctual and timely with paperwork after your initial consultation!

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3. Conflict of interest

Conflict of interests arises when attorneys are already involved, somehow, with your claim. If a lawyer has previously worked with someone your case is trying to sue, or if that attorney's company is representing another party associated with your claim, these can result in a conflict of interest. Due to the ethics and morals behind this, attorneys are encouraged to turn down these cases to help avoid further conflict and any possibility of biases or questioning of morality.

4. Attorneys practice doesn't cover these types of cases

It is important to realize that personal injury law is a large field. Not all attorneys are experts in each sub-facet of this field, and thus, if they do not practice the type of case you are going after, they are not going to take on your case. One attorney can look at motor accidents while others can focus on the slip and falls. Knowing what your attorney focuses on, on what they are an expert in, can save both of you time and money.

5. Negligent behavior influences the likelihood of winning a case

If your injury can be attributed to previous reckless behaviors, lawyers are likely to turn down the case. Specifically, if you, as the victim, are found responsible for most of the accident, then it is more likely a lawyer will turn down your case as they know it is highly improbable for them to win a case where previous negligent actions have been the cause of the accident. It simply sets the lawyer up for failure.

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The Verdict

It is recommended to take advantage of free initial consultations, as they help provide answers and avoid the probability of your case getting rejected by lawyers. Many attorneys offer these consultations, and well-regarded personal injury lawyers such as Terry Garmey and Associates take pride in confirming whether or not they can accurately represent you and your case.

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