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Customer safety must be a priority for stores

Store owners and management have to do everything they can to ensure that patrons of an establishment have positive experiences so that they will return. While this means having to make sure that inventory is present and that team members are treating customers in an appropriate manner, the duties go far beyond this.

Customers who go into stores expect that they will be safe while they are there. They don't want to have to leave in the back of an ambulance or in pain because of an incident in the store. There are many hazards to consider around stores.

Hazards outside

The parking lot and any outside display areas are full of things that can lead to accidents. Uneven pavement and poor lighting lead the list. Customers are at risk of tripping and falling if the surface is treacherous. Inadequate lighting could be a serious problem it if puts the customers at risk of being attacked. Speeding cars might also be a problem, so using methods, such as speed bumps, stop signs at crosswalks, and low speed limits indicated with proper signage, to prevent this issue can increase safety.

Hazards inside

Inside of the store, customers are at risk of slipping on wet flooring, tripping over items strewn about, and being struck by falling merchandise. Minimizing hazards on the floor means cleaning up spills immediately and using wet floor signs to alert customers. Dropped items must be removed from the floor and cords must not be left out in the open unattended. Merchandise should be stored properly so that it is secure. Shelves must not be top heavy and nothing unstable should be left on the shelves.

When injuries occur

If you are injured in an accident at a store, there are a few things you should do right away. Make sure that you alert management. There should be a written report of the accident. Seek medical care if necessary. Serious injuries might require that you go to the emergency room via an ambulance.

You might be able to leave and visit your doctor or an urgent care center if the injuries aren't too severe. In these cases, it is best to err on the side of caution and at least have a medical evaluation even if you don't think that you suffered an injury in the incident. You might opt to pursue a personal injury claim to recover any damages that you had to cover.

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