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February 2018 Archives

Cardiac equipment subject of defective medical device recall

Patients who rely on implanted equipment to maintain vital organ functions likely live with constant worry that the device may fail. When a piece of equipment later becomes the subject of a recall concerning a defective medical device, affected patients are then forced to undergo additional surgery to remedy the problem, which can lead to further complications. The most recent recall announcement may impact the lives of many Maine residents.

Dealer sues Toyota over alleged motor vehicle defects in Prius

In 2016, Toyota issued a voluntary recall for its 2010 to 2014 Prius models after a problem with its power inverter caused cars to overheat and completely lose power. The recall lead to a software fix that purportedly resolved the problem. However, one Toyota dealer recently filed a lawsuit that alleges that the recall failed to address the main issue and that the existing motor vehicle defects could cause customers to experience an emergency. There may be many Maine customers who currently own a vehicle with this potentially serious problem.

Medication errors put patients at risk of complications

When you spend time as a patient in the hospital, you put your health and well-being in the hands of professionals. Nurses, doctors, physician assistants and other staff should always strive to provide the best possible standard of care. Of course, medical professionals are only human, and mistakes can, and do, occur. But when those mistakes adversely effect the treatment of patients, the consequences can be dire.

Maine crafts new traffic safety plan to reduce car accidents

Improved economic conditions and lower gas prices are often viewed as signs of a healthy, consumer-driven society. Unfortunately, these two factors have also lead to increased numbers of serious car accidents on Maine's highways. In the hope of decreasing the rising rate of fatalities, officials have implemented a revised safety plan.

New tool may help elminate misdiagnosis that can lead to death

One of the greatest concerns that Maine residents may have is the fear that their physician is not paying close attention to their symptoms. Indeed, an estimated 12 million patients suffer from some type of misdiagnosis every year that can have serious consequences. Recently, one physician developed a new tool that may drastically reduce the risk of a diagnostic error.

Exhaustion can play a critical role in commercial truck accidents

Commercial trucks are an inescapable part of modern life. Businesses of all sorts depend on these massive vehicles to get goods, equipment and supplies from one place to another. Many of these shipments are time-sensitive. Items may be necessary for a factory to continuing operating at capacity. Produce or even beer in the truck could spoil if not delivered in a timely manner. Combine that with per-mile or lump-sum bonuses based on delivering loads on schedule, and there's plenty of incentive for truckers to drive while tired.The problem is that feeling exhausted or fatigued at the wheel is dangerous for anyone. Even in smaller passenger vehicles, exhaustion plays a role in many serious and fatal crashes. With commercial trucks, the potential for major property damage and catastrophic injuries or deaths increases with the size and momentum of the vehicle. There are many causes of commercial crashes, but exhaustion is a common factor.

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