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Mother awarded $4 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

The top priority of all health care providers should be the health and safety of patients. Although technology and safety regulations in Maine and across the country have made medical procedures safer than ever before, sometimes it can seem that patient safety is not the main priority for some physicians. Recently, a mother in another state was awarded $4 million from a medical malpractice lawsuit she filed after her daughter's death.

According to the lawsuit, her infant daughter died from complications of pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough. The young girl was only 32 days old at the time of her death, records indicate. The lawsuit claimed that physicians should have diagnosed and treated the disease much earlier, which could have saved the girl's life.

4 tips for car accident avoidance

The vast majority of car accidents could have been avoided if one or more of the individuals involved had simply followed the rules of the road. This is a particularly distressing thought, especially if you or your loved one were injured or killed in an automobile collision.

In an effort to educate drivers on safe driving practices, here are a few things that you might consider doing to stay safer on the road:

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury

The abundance of scenic roadways across Maine make it a great state for motorcyclists. As the warmer months approach, motorcyclists will be traveling here from all over the country to enjoy the breathtaking views. However, unique risks and consequences are associated with motorcycles. Motorcycles can be more difficult to see than other vehicles, which can increase the odds of an accident. Also, since motorcyclists are totally exposed, so any accident involving a motorcycle is more likely to result in serious injury.

A recent accident in Freeport claimed the life of a young motorcyclist. The accident occurred during the afternoon hours on Desert Road near Interstate 295. According to reports, a pickup truck that was pulling a boat trailer was exiting Interstate 295 and pulling onto Desert Road.

Man awarded almost $8 million in medical malpractice suit

Although not widely publicized, negligence in health care is one of the leading causes of death and injury in Maine and across the United States. It is true that technological advancements and stringent regulations have brought improvements to patient safety in recent years. However, when humans are involved there will always be a risk for mistakes. Recently, a man in another state was awarded almost $8 million from a lawsuit he filed against a medical facility after alleged medical malpractice left him permanently injured.

According to the lawsuit, the man injured his back while moving freight, for which he visited the facility. Allegedly, the staff did not appropriately recognize his back injury, but instead had him move around and participate in a series of tests. The man claimed that, because the medical staff did not restrict his movements, his back injury worsened.

Is vaping more dangerous than we thought?

If you don't know what the word ''vaping'' means, it might be a good thing. Vaping, i.e., smoking electric cigarettes, is more popular than ever these days, but experts are concerned that vaping is much more dangerous than we initially believed.

In some ways, vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes because vape pens and e-cigarettes don't have carbon monoxide, tar and other dangerous byproducts of burning tobacco. However, research into the products indicate that they still pose serious risks to our health.

Motor vehicle accidents in Maine are on the rise

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and going for a drive these days can be very risky. Currently, there are a little over one million licensed drivers in the state of Maine, with this number steadily increasing. This means more and more vehicles are sharing roadways across the state. With an increasing number of vehicles utilizing public roadways, motor vehicle accidents become almost inevitable. A recent car crash in Winthrop resulted in injuries to several people.

The crash happened during the afternoon hours on Route 202 in Winthrop and involved three vehicles. According to reports, a car was stopped in the eastbound lane waiting to make a left turn. Another car traveling east and hit the back of the car that was waiting to turn. The initial collision forced the first car across the center line and into oncoming traffic, authorities said. This resulted in a collision involving a third vehicle traveling the opposite direction.

Personal injury claims may follow parking lot collision

For many, spring is the time for home improvement projects. The parking lots of many Maine businesses are crowded with cars, pickup trucks and pedestrians all vying for space. Under those circumstances the chances for an accident resulting in personal injury increase. Recently, two people were hurt when a car backed into them in a Lowe's parking lot. 

Maine emergency responders were called to the scene at the Lowe's lot in Brewer. Reportedly, two customers were putting items they'd just bought into the bed of their pickup truck. At the same time, another couple were in a car, attempting to leave the parking area. Witnesses say they heard the sound of a vehicle's engine revving. Moments later, the pedestrians were struck by the vehicle that was backing out of its space.

Always report a slip-and-fall accident as soon as it happens

Slipping and falling in a public place can be quite an embarrassing experience. People may snicker or stare as you attempt to collect yourself and regain your footing. It's natural to feel an impulse to just move on and proceed with your day, especially if you don't notice any injuries right away. Doing that could prove to be a major mistake that could come back to haunt you in the future.

While you may feel embarrassed, the best steps to take in the wake of a slip-and-fall include reporting the accident to the manager or owner of the business or building where you fell. Due to insurance requirements, most of the time a written report is necessary after someone slips and falls. Whether you fell on wet and slippery sidewalks or on an overly polished section of flooring, reporting it ensures there is a record of your accident. It also motivates the person responsible for the property to correct the issue that caused your fall, which can protect other people from a similar experience.

Slip-and-fall accidents pose serious problems in restaurants

Eating out and working in restaurants are everyday occurrences in the lives of many Americans. Along with visits to these establishments comes a risk of slip\-and\-fall accidents. Whether one works in or visits these restaurants in Maine -- or anywhere else -- it may be beneficial to exercise caution.

Recently, a guide for reducing the risk of a slip-and-fall accident in these establishments was published for owners and managers. Though it was geared toward avoiding the risks posed to employees, there is always the possibility that a patron could become a victim of a poorly maintained building. According to the National Safety Council, there are an estimated 9 million slip-and-fall injuries in the country every year. Though there are many places where these types of accidents can occur, restaurants report more than their fair share of them.

NHTSA has concerns over possibly defective products by Goodyear

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines its purpose as saving lives, preventing injuries and reducing vehicle-related crashes. As part of that mission, it also investigates reports of potentially defective products that can threaten the well-being of consumers. Maine readers may be interested to learn there are still concerns over the safety of some Goodyear tires.

In 2003, Goodyear stopped manufacturing certain tires that were sold for use on recreational vehicles. The company produced approximately 160,000 tires that have now been the subject of an estimated 40 lawsuits. The NHTSA is now collecting data concerning the numbers of serious injuries and fatalities attributed to these tires. The investigation came about after the filing of a federal lawsuit.

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